According to truck-info stats, truck accidents account for 2.4% of motor accidents in America; trucks are five times more likely to be involved in accidents than other motor vehicles; and every 16 mins, one person is killed in a truck-related accident in the US of A.
These numbers are quite alarming and present a frightening, albeit true picture of the hazards that trucks may pose to both the drivers themselves, as well as other motorists on the highway; or even to pedestrians going about their daily business. Can this picture be changed? Is it possible to reduce significantly the number of truck-related accidents on our roads and make it safer for everyone? Absolutely!

As a truck driver, how can you reduce the chances of being involved in an accident? While we cannot rule out the fact that it’s quite possible that the fault may not be from you, but from the other driver; you can on your part take the following steps to ensure a driving experience that is as risk-free as possible.

Avoid alcohol:

This is totally non-negotiable and as a truck driver, you have the duty to ensure that you keep a clear head at all times when behind the steering wheel. Remember, regardless of whose fault it is, the fact still remains that at least one life will be lost. Our advice: don’t drink and drive, and don’t drive if you are drunk(or have taken a few).

Sleep well and know your limits:

Driving when you are tired or sleepy would definitely impair your concentration, and no matter how skilled or experienced you are as a driver, one second of loss of concentration could mean the difference for someone else. So: don’t drive if you are tired!

Obey simple traffic rules and regulations :

Traffic rules like stopping at red lights are there to make the road safer for you and other motorists.No matter how urgent your assignment is, obeying these simple traffic regulations like ‘driving within the speed limits’, will help you reach your destination without endangering your life or the life of someone else.

Make sure your vehicle is in top-notch condition:

Before getting behind that steering wheel, always check to see that your brake pads, oil levels, brake fluid etc are in optimal condition. There are ten vital things you should never be ‘in too much of a hurry’not to check, before hitting the road. Also, make sure to maintain your truck and fix or replace damaged parts regularly.

Take time to move around:

pressing on accelerators and brakes for hours could numb your feet and Impact your response in emergency situations. Try to take a break from time to time and walk around a bit to free up your limbs and restore circulation to your extremities.

Don’t try to carry too heavy loads:

To prevent personal injuries to yourself, always use a crane to lift heavy loads. Lifting loads that are too heavy for you could result to back injuries which could impair your ability to work.

Don’t try to jump down from your truck:

While it’s possible you may be quite nimble and have catlike reflexes, it’s also possible your reflexes could be impaired by exhaustion, or the ground may be more slippery than you thought; end result: you land on your face. While this may present a hilarious Picture, in actual fact it could also cause serious and totally avoidable injuries to your person. Our advice: Don’t try to be Mr.macho